Top 6 things to consider before purchasing a bedhead ...

      At times, you don’t need a full house renovation to give your bedroom a new look. A simple styling tweak can transform its look.
      For that matter, an addition to or change in the bedhead provides a bedroom with an instant facelift.

      Indeed, you can make your bedroom look and feel much more luxurious by adding stylish freedom bed heads to it.

      Yet, how do you choose the best bedhead?

      And before that, why does your bedroom need a bedhead?

      Why your bedroom deserves a new bedhead

      Assuming you have other bed components such as siderails, slats, drawers, and so on, there is no shortage of options for a bedhead or a beautiful freedom bed frame.
      There is a bedhead to suit every taste, from solid wood and shelved to tufted upholstery and artistically shaped.

      Here are some reasons why your bedroom should have a bedhead.

      They have the ability to transform.

      Adding a bedhead to your freedom queen bed will help you achieve whatever look you want for your room.

      A well-chosen bedhead can easily transform the entire look of a bedroom.

      Not only that, but it can also be used to create a relaxing space on the bed, a storage box for bedroom essentials, or a relaxing space that provides you with much-needed rest on a lazy Sunday morning.

      They are affordable

      A bedhead does not have to cost a fortune. Freedom bedheads can be purchased at a low or discounted price.

      They are a style statement in themselves

      You don’t need an overly designed bedroom or a highly attractive freedom bed frame to renovate your comfort den.

      A bedhead quickly becomes the main point of a bedroom and sets the tone for the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve. A bedhead speaks for itself due to its design; it is a fashion statement in itself.

      Furthermore, if you have decided to purchase a bedhead to renovate your bedroom, try not to do it in a hurry. Take some time, study your room and your personal style, and then make the final decision to buy the best bedhead.

      So, here are the top six things to think about before purchasing a bedhead.

      Things to consider before buying a bedhead

      1.Give preference to your personal style

      The bedhead, like your bedroom, should reflect your personal style. Freedom bed heads come in all materials, shapes, sizes, and styles. They could be minimalist, extravagant, bookshelf-style, buttoned, padded, ornamental, or fabric panelled.

      Know your style requirements and match the bedhead with those.

      2.The design elements of the bedhead

      The design element selection is also of great importance. Consider bedheads freedom that showcase the design elements of your preference. Be it a side table, wallpaper, paint, or curtains, make sure the elements you choose match your bedroom décor and are also budget friendly.

      3.The design of your ceiling

      Consider the design and height of your bedroom ceiling as well before picking a bedhead for yourself.

      A bigger bedhead under a comparatively lower ceiling won’t look good, while a generously tall ceiling deserves a bedhead of equal stature.

      4.The Functionality

      Do you want your freedom bedhead to just look decorative, or do you want to get some work out of it? A bedhead can stand like a decorative piece, or it may work like a room divider, a bookshelf, or a storage space.

      Consider that as well before zeroing in on a particular bedhead.

      5.The choice of fabric

      From stripes to rich velvet and linen blends, all kinds of fabrics are used in a bedhead design. What is your kind of fabric? If you want some warmth in the cold weather, go for velvet. For a child’s bed, you may go for wool felts and other soft fabrics.

      6.The colour

      Color has a significant influence on our mood, therefore when selecting a bedhead, choose the colour carefully.

      While neutrals are great for adding colour and pattern with bedlinen, pillows, and cushions, bolder colours may also work well if your bedroom is full of vintage furniture sets, and gentler tones like pink and light blue are, of course, timeless.

      So, bring home a beautiful navy bedhead that suits your taste and needs and decorate your bedroom with a simple tweak. The furniture piece will surely give a facelift to your personal space.

      Relax well!

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