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Welcome to Cassa Vida, you are one step closer to combining a supplier partnership! We would love to hear from you if you believe that your products could contribute to our website. We are committed to bringing our customers the best furniture and furnishings to inspire their homes and workplaces. We look for quality and value across our innovative homeware and furniture range. We believe that partnering with our brand is the best way for suppliers to grow their business and increase internal sales.

We are already working with numerous manufacturers, importers, retailers and distributors worldwide, all benefiting from this supplier relationship set up through our Cassa Vida Buying Team. With incoming partnerships finalising everyday, you too can benefit from this partnership just by sending us an email. The Cassa Vida Buying Team will review your email and ensure that both Cassa Vida and your brand are a advantageous fit for one another. If you too have a love of furnishings and an ambition to provide quality products at reasonable prices, please apply now!

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To start the process, please email with some information about your business, details of your product range and contact details. Once reviewed, we will be sure to get in contact with you should your application be approved.