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      How to Purchase a Good Quality Sofa Bed ...

      We don’t like limitations. Do we?

      And in our houses, nothing helps us overcome space limitations like a sofa bed.

      A sofa bed allows us to turn any room into a guest room or even a bedroom. And it is not less of a boon if we live in a small apartment.

      For more than one reason, a sofa bed is an important piece of furniture, and therefore, you should prioritise quality when purchasing one for yourself.

      A good-quality sofa bed is obviously more than just its appearance. Like beauty, quality is also skin deep, and thus, what lies inside the furniture determines its quality.

      So, be careful about the following points to ensure the “high quality” of your sofa bed:

      1. Structural Frame

      The strongest and most durable frames for double sofa bed are made of solid timber or a combination of solid timber and furniture-grade plywood.

      Make sure the timber used in the structural frame is of standard quality, replete with attributes like robustness, resilience, and considerable weight-bearing capacity.

      1. Seating Support

      Enquire about the materials used for making the sofa bed’s seating support. The seating support should be solid.

      The queen sofa bed with storage should provide full-body relaxation, so the structural frame should be paired with a balanced combination of strong pocket springs, S-springs, pocket-coil springs, and webbing for robust seating support.

      A good structural combination also makes it a long-lasting piece of sofa bed Melbourne.

      1. Foam density and Legs

      Foam density is yet another factor that plays a role in a sofa bed’s quality. Check for that as well. You can feel positive about a 3 seater sofa bed if its foam is thick; D28 foam is considered good as far as density is concerned.

      Legs are also important. They must be solid and thick, whether made of solid timber or plastic. Check for the genuineness of their assembly components if they require assembly.

      Do check for that while purchasing a sofa chair bed Australia.

      1. Open-Close Mechanism

      The mechanisms in a good-quality queen sofa bed should help the mattress lift up or come out in one smooth motion. The mattress part should not squeak or stick in its small journey.

      Ensure proper closure and effortless opening, and also make sure that the mechanism is put together well. Its parts should not break or get loose easily, and they must ensure long-lasting functionality.

      1. The Texture of Sofa Bed Edges

      Also, make sure that all parts of the sofa bed’s inner mechanism have smooth edges. It will help keep your sheets and blankets proper and without any harm.

      And while using a double sofa bed, it is always a wise idea to remove blankets and sheets before closing the unit. That way, it will keep the alignment on different parts intact.

      1. Mattress Quality

      Mattress quality is equally important.

      The mattress should support the whole body when you relax on it. Go for a nicely built mattress rather than choosing a thick mattress indiscriminately.

      So here, may be, thinner is better. However, the standard thickness of a 3 seater sofa bed mattress is 4.5 inches.

      And when it comes to choosing, you may take your pick from the following types of sofa bed mattresses:

      Types of Sofa Bed Mattresses

      Following types of mattresses are quite popular.

      • Gel memory foam: A well-cushioned and firm feel.
      • Traditional memory foam: Most widely used; soft and denser than other kinds; ideal for pressure point relief.
      • Polyurethane foam: an affordable, high-density foam mattress.
      • Standard sprung sofa bed mattresses: The best for infrequent usage; an affordable option.
      • Individual pocket springs make pocket sprung sofa bed mattresses extremely comfortable.
      • Latex: a firm mattress made from eco-friendly materials; greener versions are created using soybean oil.
      1. Take a Feel

      It is always a wise choice to take a product demonstration before you buy a sofa bed.

      So, touch the sofa bed thoroughly and also open and close it to see how it feels when it is functional. It must be easy to operate, and you shouldn’t have to apply much force to open or close it.

      Open the queen sofa bed and lie down on it for a while to see how the mattress feels.

      1. Dimensions

      Finally, before you buy, measure your sofa bed in its fully opened position. Look for the “minimum required area” for a perfect fit and match that with the place available at your home, and then buy.

      After you’re satisfied with the dimensions, buy one and decorate your living room.

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