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      Renovate your House with a Bedroom Furniture Package ...

      A bedroom is not less than a sacred space – a place that provides the body and the mind with rest, relaxation, and peace.

      With a little imagination and by using the right bedroom packages, a cohesive, beautiful, and harmonious aesthetic can be created in the bedroom space.

      Such bedroom furniture packages transform the area into a tranquil retreat, helping you create beautiful moments and memories.

      So, get an idea about bedroom packages and renovate your place by using them.

      What is a Bedroom Package?

      A bedroom package is a collection of furniture pieces that includes a bed and related pieces that complement it, such as a tallboy, dresser, mirror, and bedside tables.

      Furniture packages are used to create a symmetrical, streamlined look in the bedroom, which adds to the much-needed comfort.

      What Is Included in a Bedroom Package?

      Bedroom packages typically include a bed and matching chest of drawers, such as a tallboy, a dresser, bedside tables, and a mirror.

      There could be different combinations to suit varying needs, like a 4-piece King Single Bed Tallboy Suite, a 4-piece Double Bed Tallboy Suite, a 4-piece Queen Bed Tallboy Suite, a 4-piece King Bed Dresser-Mirror Suite, and the like.

      In the 4-piece suite, you get one bed, one chest of drawers, and two bedside tables. The 3-piece bedroom furniture package, on the other hand usually comprises a bed and two bedside tables.

      You can create your signature-style bedroom suite by pairing a good-quality bed with storage options from a selection of furniture that caters to your bedroom needs. A white bedroom set will serve the purpose nicely.

      Apart from the 4-piece set, the following are some popular packages.

      The Most Popular Bedroom Packages


      Want a quick renovation of the guest bedroom?

      Do that with a two-piece bedroom package that consists of a bed (king, queen, double, or single) and a bedside table.


      This is a level-up and a more useful package. Here, a matching dresser will also be part of the package. It comes with a little extra storage capacity.


      If you require a little more, go for a bedroom furniture packages with a bed, a bedside table, a dresser, a mirror, and a tallboy, that makes a five-piece package.


      This will complete your bedroom in a single creative stroke.

      Six-piece sets come with different combinations, for example, a bed, two bedside tables, a tallboy, a dresser, and a mirror.

      The 6-piece bedroom white furniture can easily renovate the entire master bedroom, giving it a unique colour, look, style, and theme.

      Apart from these, you may also go for different combinations according to your needs to give your bedroom the style of your choice.

      Bedroom Package Styles

      The bedroom packages are available in a variety of styles, some of which are instantly recognisable and fill the bedroom space with lovely vibes.

      Coastal Style

      Featuring a sea-life motif in furniture pieces, these sets feature oceanic elements like seashells, images of sea creatures, and symbols. Generally, they come in white, light blue, and sea-green colour schemes. Such white furniture packages look truly aristocratic in a bedroom of any design.

      Country Style

      Inspired by the charming cottages of Europe, these furniture pieces include open, fresh, airy designs and liberal use of light shades, especially white.

      They are mostly made of solid wood and do not contain any metal or particle boards.

      Rustic Style

      It is a beautiful furniture style that brings back the nostalgic charm of the past.

      By using materials like wood, leather, and even marble in their making, they explore the aesthetic beauty of yesteryear.

      Contemporary Style

      These bedroom packages are designed with a focus on modern homes, and they consistently evolve with time as they use trending design elements.

      Often, they employ clean line designs with a minimalist approach. You can find sturdy metal work in the form of handles and knobs in their components.

      Vintage Style

      They have a timeless look. They never go out of style because of their unique design elements that reflect a glimpse of the glorious past. They are usually made of strong, solid wood, making them durable pieces of furniture.

      Traditional/Classic Style

      Sheer celebration of opulence and royalty makes queens and kings of us commoners.

      The furniture pieces give the bedroom a regal feeling with design elements like dark, solid wood, shell designs, bun or ball feet, ornamentation, and beautiful upholstery.

      How to Choose a Bedroom Furniture Package

      There are certain aspects that you may consider before purchasing bedroom furniture packages.

      Size: There are various options in beds, like single, king single, long single, double, king, queen, and even super king size beds. Purchase according to your requirements and the size of the bedroom.

      Material: Make a choice from furniture options; solid timber, metal, and fabric-upholstered bed frames are the most common options.

      Colour: Choose from a range of colours—from painted white, cherry, natural with a clear lacquer finish, brushed smoke, charcoal, grey, and more— or just go raw natural with a rustic finish.

      You may explore a variety of packages on offer or mix and match different pieces in order to find a unique look that reflects your signature style.

      Renovating a Bedroom with Bedroom Packages

      If you have planned to give a fresh look to your bedroom, bring home furniture pieces that make it look grand and new.

      Cassa Vida online store has many attractive 2- to 6-piece packages including a white bedroom set comprising any combination of a king-bed, queen-bed, double bed, single bed, tallboy, dresser-mirror set, and bedside tables, crafted in various styles and designs.

      The suite will beautifully decorate your bedroom, turning it into a tranquil retreat. It will not only renovate the area but will also help to keep it organised.

      Now there is no need to worry about cleanliness or cosiness as the suite will ensure both. The storage chests will help you keep the room spotless, while a bed will help you create the cosiness you deserve.

      Why are bedroom packages better than individual pieces?

      Although it is a completely individual choice whether to go for a bedroom package or purchase individual furniture pieces, yet you get certain benefits by choosing a package, like-

      • Your time matters; the decision saves time as there is no need to make individual choices to buy separate pieces
      • You get colour, design, and style well-coordinated to match each other
      • The generic styles usually match all interior decor themes
      • Buy all furniture pieces in one place at one time
      • Less stress as it is easier to move and place multiple furniture pieces
      • You save money as generally they come with discounts

      So don’t wait if your bedroom needs instant renovation. Inquire about bedroom package options like king bedroom packages or queen bedroom packages at Cassa Vida’s online furniture store right away.

      Amazing Discounts on Bedroom Packages

      Cassa Vida offers discounts on almost all styles of bedroom packages, ensuring that you don’t need to break the bank to decorate your bedroom.

      Purchase the most attractive bedroom furniture packages before they become out of stock and give an enticing look to your bedroom through instant renovation.

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