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      All you need to know about the styles of armchairs ...

      Armchairs are the quintessential comfort dens.

      They offer the personal space that you need after a long and tiring day. Simply sit back and enjoy it. For an even better experience, indulge in your favourite activity, such as reading, watching OTT shows, talking to your friends, etc., while you are enjoying the cosy comfort of armchairs Australia.

      You’ll feel that it adds warmth to any activity.

      An armchair is an extremely comfy single-seating chair with sides that support the arms that may be put in a living room, bedroom, hall, balcony, and so on.

      This snug lap of comfort is available in a variety of material and upholstery options, all of which provide a comfortable embrace.

      Material and upholstery options in an armchair

      You may choose an occasional armchair according to the materials used in its making.

      Solid Wood Armchairs

      Wood is a beautiful material in itself, especially if it is sustainably harvested as used in rattan occasional chairs Australia.

      It has its own colour, aroma, and patterns that blend in with the rest of the furniture in the room. Furniture connoisseurs love to purchase a wooden armchair just for its robustness and usability They also like it because good quality wood is easy to maintain and will last for many years.

      Metal Armchairs

      While wood furniture will always be a top choice, many people opt for metal occasional chairs Australia for their durability, functionality, and easy cleanability.

      Fabric Armchair

      Fabric upholstery turns the armchair into all-season furniture because different fabrics work in different weathers. Fabric is breathable and keeps you cool in the summer. In winter, the fabric protects you from coming into contact with the hard, cold wood surface or metal body of the armchair. And that’s why many people opt for velvet occasional chairs Australia for the best comfort.

      Further, there are various colours, designs, and patterns to choose from for the armchair that complement the rest of your home decor nicely.

      So, choose armchairs in fabrics like polyester, olefin, cotton, silk, acrylic (for outdoor furniture), etc.

      Leather Armchair

      The leather armchair is deluxe seating for your living area. The leather material has a gorgeous appearance that is simply incomparable. It adds a regal look to any furniture piece, capturing visitors’ attention instantly. The material also adapts to the climate, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

      Along with different materials like velvet occasional chairs Australia, armchairs also come in different styles.

      Styles of Armchairs

      If you want to purchase an armchair according to a particular style or design, there are different options from which you can choose, provided you identify different styles.

      How to identify an armchair style?

      Armchair styles can be identified by carefully examining what design elements the furniture piece embraces.

      The following styles of armchairs are quite popular based on the major design elements.

      Wingback Style Armchair

      Wingback chairs are distinguished by their high side panels and high back. The design makes it perfect for curling up while reading a book.

      Also known as a “wing chair,” these armchairs Australia have a solid back, short wood legs, and are usually upholstered in leather or fabric. These are distinguished by the side panels or “wings” on the high back. The wings shield the occupant from (hot or cold) air currents in a room or excessive heat from the fireplaces.

      Lounge style with an ottoman

      A lounge chair with an ottoman is designed for the best comfort, allowing you to sit back, relax, and give your legs some rest after a long day.

      They feature a reclined back and a complementary ottoman that can double up as extra seating, storage, or a coffee table too. You may purchase one occasional chairs Australia according to your needs.

      Club style Armchair

      This is a classic armchair style. It features deep seats and rounded curves to give you a cosy feeling when you relax on it. These armchairs come with both leather and fabric upholstery.

      Scandinavian-style chairs

      They are identified by a minimal, clean approach in the design. There is no room for clutter; the emphasis is on clean lines and light colours.

      Finely crafted from solid wood, they have comfy cushions that provide optimal back support and help relieve tension when you take a seat.

      Such an occasional armchair is quite popular.

      Modern style chairs

      You can identify them by their clean lines, smooth fabrics, fur, solid wood, and, sometimes, playful pattern. They are sleek and comfortable, simple to look at, and offer great comfort.

      Mid-Century style chairs

      Showcasing clean, smooth lines with their own unique twist on decorative accents. They use pops of colour or bold patterns and have narrow arms.

      Chesterfield style armchair

      Plush and super comfortable armchairs identified with rolled arms, button tufting upholstery and a nail head trim. It is quite a popular style in occasional chairs Australia.

      Contemporary style chairs

      Very minimal and clean, featuring modern materials and pure, saturated colours. They are apt for smaller spaces. Sometimes, they look artistic and can be used as a decorative piece.

      Decorate your personal space with an armchair

      Now, adorn your personal space with an armchair whose style suits you and make it your style statement.

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