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      Tallboy: An Instant Solution to the Storage Space Problem ...

      Nothing solves the storage space problem at home instantly like a tallboy.

      (Tallboy: From English “tall” and French ‘bois’ which means wood.)

      A good-looking tallboy dresser is the perfect storage solution for virtually any part of the house, be it the porch, a living room, a kitchen, a restroom, or a bedroom.

      Generally, a tallboy is a tall (and sometimes wide) chest with multiple drawers, providing maximum storage space while occupying minimal floor space.

      Without taking up much space, they help you keep your surroundings clean. And that makes them an invaluable addition to any home.

      At Cassa Vida online store, you may find a wide range of tallboys, including a mirrored tallboy, in different shades, finishes, and styles. A well-chosen tallboy may fit into any style, budget, or interior decor theme. Tallboys range from contemporary to classic and ornate to vintage and rustic.

      Much like other useful chests of drawers, they also have a flat surface—akin to an open shelf—on top, which is simply perfect for ornamental flower pots, lamps, photo frames, or other decorative pieces.

      They are multipurpose and really useful.

      Their history is also quite intriguing.

      A Brief History of Tallboy

      For a historical perspective, it all began in the 17th century, during European exploration of Australia.

      This type of furniture piece was first developed around the mid-17th century.

      Initially, there was a chest with two or three drawers in the base.

      By the late 17th century, or around 1680, the ‘chest’ was entirely made up of drawers. Then the drawers were three long ones of dissimilar depth, topped by two short ones side by side much like a wooden tall boy dresser which is popular now.

      These early furniture pieces were mounted on bun feet (a foot shaped like a bun, i.e., basically circular but a little more compacted) or ball feet (a foot shaped like a ball) or on stands with legs united by stretchers.

      Earlier Structure of a Tallboy

      The prototype, or the earlier form, of the wooden tallboy was a chest of drawers on a stand with legs, shaped beautifully on a lathe. The lower section was usually wider than the upper and had three drawers of equal size.

      The upper section also consisted of three drawers, with two or three relatively smaller drawers on the top, completing the sequence. For beauty, the furniture piece was topped with a cornice.

      They were usually flat-fronted and occasionally made in a twisted shape.

      In the mid-18th century, the rectangular lines of the chest of drawers were often modified, and their refined versions are what we see in these modern times.

      And now they come in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

      The Shape and Dimensions

      Generally, a tallboy dresser is narrow in shape. Its height compensates for the storage space left. While some have a vertical, single line of drawers, others have a series of drawers, side by side.

      In Australia, the usual height of a tallboy is around 120 cm and its width is about 85 cm. The dimensions, however, fluctuate with diverse styles.

      To give it some perspective: If placed next to a king bed of usual dimensions, a tallboy will be about half as tall. The dimensions, however, also depend on the range and style of a tallboy.

      Popular Styles of Tallboy

      Tallboys and wooden tall boy dresser come in a range of styles. A few of the key styles are:

      Contemporary Style

      Fit for modern-style bedrooms, these tallboy pieces evolve with time. They are designed with a focus on homes replete with modern design elements. They use trending design elements while making knobs, legs, and cornice.

      They give a perfect look to the place while solving the storage space problem forever. A tallboy with mirror in modern style is quite popular these days.

      Rustic Style

      These furniture pieces appear old at first glance, but that is part of their charm.

      Because of its creative and visual allure, the rustic-style tallboy is also trending these days. They are visually appealing. Their structural frames are robust and highly durable.


      This is one of the best-looking styles. Such tallboys are lightweight and generally made with light-coloured materials, using solid wood.

      They use only such design materials that can give the surrounding area an open, airy, and bright look.

      Vintage Style

      Such tallboys have a timeless look. They never go out of style because of their unique design elements that reflect a glimpse of the glorious past.

      Apart from solving the storage space issue, they make excellent decorative pieces and that’s why people love to choose dressers for sale.

      The Best Use of a Tallboy

      A tallboy is meant for storing clothes, right?

      Actually, it is partially right. Because a tallboy can be used for much more than that and at different places in your house.

      In a Bedroom

      • Used as a bedside table
      • Use it to better organise your bedroom essentials, clothing, and accessories
      • In a child’s bedroom as a toy box

      Tallboy at the Entry

      • Use a tallboy to declutter your home’s entryway
      • You can store gloves, scarves, handkerchiefs, keys, mail, bills, tools, and whatnot

      In the Living Area

      • Put a mirrored tallboy at the end of your lounge as an end table
      • Fill its open shelf or glass-covered doors with decorative pieces, art works, books, or crockery
      • Use a low, wide tallboy as an entertainment unit
      • An attractive, vintage-style tallboy with glass doors can be used as a bar

      Tallboy in the Kitchen or Dining Room

      • The top of a wide tallboy can be used for serving food in buffet style
      • Use it as a coffee bar; store coffee, tea, pots, cups, and spoons in the chest drawers

      In a Home Office or Workroom

      • Personalise your home office with the help of a tallboy
      • Put your files, stationery, laptop, and office supplies

      In a Bathroom

      You can use a tallboy with mirror here. Perhaps one of the most useful spaces to place a tallboy. It is, however, important that for bathrooms you select a tallboy that can withstand the humidity, moisture, and tiny drops of water.

      So, there is no shortage of ideas if you want to use your tallboy in a unique way. Bring one home and place it where it is best utilised and solve the storage problem forever.

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