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      Why Your Home Deserves a Buffet and Sideboard? ...

      A few furniture pieces are irreplaceable. You cannot accomplish certain tasks without them. Every house deserves one or two of them.

      Buffet and sideboard are such furniture pieces. Their functionality makes them irreplaceable, and they are unique in so many ways.

      A buffet furniture is easy-to-use, as you don’t need any wall mounting or support.

      What is a buffet and sideboard?

      A buffet houses crockery, utensils, and cutlery. It is designed to stand against a wall, with or without legs, with plenty of storage space.

      In addition to wood, glass, and metal, a buffet can be made from many different materials, like plastic, plates, and sheets.

      What is the use of a buffet and sideboard?

      Generally, a buffet and sideboard are considered dining area furniture.

      But it is not just that. Its functionality extends far beyond the dining area.

      It can also be used in other parts of the home and even in commercial spaces such as offices and restaurants.

      How to use buffet and sideboard?

      There is a wide range of designs on the market, so you can use a buffet in diverse ways, apart from decorating dishes, utensils, and crockery in them.

      In fact, they are highly multipurpose, and you can use a black buffet and sideboard as a storage cabinet, TV stand, desk, console table, etc. You can also use them for decorative purposes and display beautiful vases, souvenirs, sculptures, photo frames, trophies, and indoor plants.

      A black buffet table is a must for the dining area and kitchen space because it has useful partitions, shelves, doors of different sizes, segments for dishes, cutlery, tablecloths, napkins, refreshments, and whatnot.

      Also, some buffets are not exclusively designed for dishes and dining requirements, and so they can be placed in the bedroom or living room.

      Buffet in a Bedroom and Living Room

      You can use them in the bedroom for storing laundry, bedding items, personal belongings, bedroom essentials, etc., and also in the living room to store important documents, toys, jewellery, small items, glasses, drinks, etc.

      Furthermore, a dining room wood buffet positioned parallel to the dining table looks extremely gorgeous and helps in serving food easily and quickly on the dining table.

      If you have a celebration or party at home, you can use a buffet as a serving table or counter top as well.

      So, they are multipurpose and beautiful pieces of furniture that come in various styles.

      Which are the popular styles of buffet and sideboard?

      Your buffet furniture should exude your personality & signature, and for that, you can choose a buffet that reflects your style.

      Here are some styles:

      Rustic Style

      The epitome of raw beauty, these styles of buffet and sideboard give the impression of British, Dutch, and French countryside.

      Made from plainly processed wood, and mostly in neutral, natural colours, these furniture pieces also give a feel of rural surroundings that promises warmth and a homely atmosphere.

      Classic/Traditional Style

      Good choice for a classic and traditionally decorated dining room or living space. Generally, they are large and heavy furniture pieces that are exquisitely decorated and richly carved.

      They look more beautiful if the place is filled with interior decor showcasing the beauty of baroque, Renaissance, or classicist styles.

      Contemporary/Modern Style

      This style is full of design possibilities. In the buffet and sideboard of this style, you may find elements of plastic, wood, metal, bright colours, clean line aesthetics, sharp cut craftsmanship, and also a lack of much detailing.

      Such buffet pieces calm down the atmosphere in the room, giving it a peaceful feel.

      To enjoy that, try to buy the right buffet that suits your style.

      How to buy the right buffet?

      Make your online shopping for buffets less confusing and smarter with Cassa Vida. Find the best buffet for you, in the right size and with the best material, as well as the best price.

      As you know, buffet and sideboard come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and budgets. You can choose the right buffet for you by using these tips.

      1. Be sure of your budget

      Have a budget in mind to limit your options, and also go for a substitute after narrowing down your options. You may find the same look and feel that you have chosen in less expensive options.

      The online marketplace often offers alternatives, be it a wood, metal, stone buffet, or black buffets.

      2. Give priority to utility

      You already know the purpose of buying a buffet and sideboard. Right?

      Now, just have a clear picture of that in your mind in order to determine what is right for you.

      Know where you will keep it, what you will store in it, and how to make it match your interior decor.

      Such clarity will help you decide whether you want the buffet with spacious shelves and roller shutters inside, the one with small or big drawers, or a combination of doors, drawers, open shelves, and shutters.

      You can always pick a buffet that has multiple uses, so you can store your cutlery, crockery, etc., use it as a stand-alone decorative piece, and also use it as a serving table, display surface, or even as a chest of drawers at the entry point.

      3. Decide on the placement

      Well, you should always measure your space and critically analyse the dimensions of the buffet furniture to make it fit perfectly with enough space to open the drawers or the doors.

      Remember that a furniture piece is also like a dress that looks beautiful when it fits perfectly on the body.

      4. Looks of the buffet and the surroundings

      The appearance of your buffet adds to the aesthetics of your place, so choose according to your interior décor and theme. Choose a piece that blends seamlessly with the interior of your dining area and the house. If your house has a modern look, go for modern-style buffets with clean lines and smart cuts.

      Match the same way for other styles of homes such as Victorian, traditional, coastal, transitional, etc.

      5. Qualities and Cleanliness

      Quality makes your buffet unique. So, check its strength, structural frame, colour, and finish—whether it is laminated, polished, or painted. Also, know whether it is waterproof, scratch-resistant, or heat-resistant.

      It should also be easy to clean, easily portable, and easy-to-maintain.

      Thus, bring home a buffet and sideboard. Your abode truly deserves a furniture piece to display dishes, crockery, cutlery, etc.—a furniture piece that is also a storage cabinet. At our online furniture store, look for buffet for sale and get what is best for you, within your budget, and at a great value.

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