Finding the Perfect King Size Bed

      A bed, especially a king size bed, is the centrepiece of the bedroom. It is the key attraction there. Make sure that it outshines everything present in your bedroom....

      You can do that by purchasing a perfect king bed.

      But which beds can be considered ‘perfect’?

      Obviously, those beds that are well-planned, well-built, and feature rich, meeting your personal lifestyle preference effortlessly. Such beds are strong and provide appropriate support to suit your body weight and sleeping style. They charge you up after a long day without disrupting your style of relaxation.

      So, a perfect king size bed should be more than a haven of warmth, comfort, and convenience.

      Yet, how do we ensure that?

      Without much stress, examine certain points carefully, from the bedhead to the footboard, while making an online purchase of a king-size bed.

      Here are those points that you may find in the product description part of the displayed product.

      Metal or wood

      You must have clarity of thought about whether you want a king bed with a metal frame or a wood frame. Both sorts of beds have different features and external looks.

      Once decided, you can narrow down your choice and search accordingly.

      Wood Structural Frame

      The structural frame is the backbone of a bed. So, select wisely. Try to go for solid timber varieties that are strong, resilient, and long-lasting. Beds come with a solid wood structural frame made of mango wood, solid acacia wood, solid pine, Sheesham, etc.

      A few engineered wood varieties are also popular, like MDF and plywood.

      Solid wood furniture pieces last longer, standing the test of time and the ever-changing weather. Make sure that the wood used has been sustainably harvested. An eco-friendly bedroom furniture piece is always the right choice.

      Inner Strength

      Apart from the structural frame, a few more factors ensure better inner strength, such as slats and a central support. Do check for that. A king size bed with strong slats and central support provides lasting comfort on the bed as well as extra strength. The LVL slats ensure an excellent weight-bearing capacity.

      So go for beds with a solid wood slat system with central support legs. They are the ones with real inner strength.

      Solid Frame or Upholstery

      Beds come with a solid wood or metal frame and also have beautiful upholstery on them.

      In an upholstered bed, the headboard, footboard, or siderails are covered in fabric of various varieties, sometimes with padding underneath. Velvet, polyester, and linen fabrics are quite popular upholstery options. The upholstery gives the beds a vintage flair and sheen, making them look beautiful and unique.

      Choose upholstery according to your choice of fabric and colour.

      The Style of Bedhead

      When you want to rest your back or sit up in bed reading or working, the headboard or bedhead comes in handy.

      You may want your bedhead to just look attractive, or you may want to get some important function out of it. A bedhead can stand like a showpiece, or it may work like a big storage space, a bookshelf, or even a room divider.

      Think about that as well before purchasing the king bed. A perfect bedhead makes a perfect king-size bed.


      Naturally, the legs must be strong. It does not matter in what shape they are—tapered, straight, or oval—they should be extra strong. After all, they are going to carry the entire weight of the bed.

      Solid timber legs and metal legs work well for a king size bed.

      Style of Bedroom Furniture

      Make certain that the bed’s elements beautifully represent its style, as this adds purity to its aesthetic appeal.

      So, whether it is a vintage classic style, modern style, Hampton style, coastal style, traditional style, or any other style bed, its structure should showcase the inherent elements, and that would make a perfectly stunning piece of king-size bed.

      Well-Structured Storage Space

      If you are considering a storage bed with bed side table to maximise your bedroom’s storage capacity, make sure that the boxes and drawers are working with ease. The drawers should have sturdy handles and full metal extension runners.

      There are many beds that are designed specifically to solve the storage space problem. Go for them, as they are the perfect choice if a storage bed is your requirement.


      Generally, 183 cm by 203 cm is the ideal king-size bed dimension. Yet, check out the minimum area requirement for the best fit of the bed and match that with your bedroom.

      Dimensionally, a perfect king-size bed should be proportional to the bedroom in order to look cosy and beautiful.

      Make sure the bed you are going to purchase fulfils this important criteria. Try not to leave any room for a mismatch.

      So, keep in mind these points and select from perfect beds for sale for you and your loved one.

      You can choose from a big family of colours—like natural, brushed white, vivid white, grey, beige, rustic brown, distressed almond, and walnut, to name just a few. Mix and match them with different patterns and textures already present in your bedroom to create a beautiful and inviting bedroom set for the best relaxation.

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